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Premium Decking Boards

Our premium composite decking is both light weight and long lasting & of the highest quality. Their special 'Hollow Tube' design making boards lighter & resistant to warping & bulging without compromising their strength. Coming in a range of popular colours our premium composite decking boards are ideal for stand alone garden decking or patio decking projects.

  • Board size: 140mm x 23mm x 3600mm
  • £21.10 per board (£40.00 per square meter)
  • Easy to install ‘hidden’ Clip system
  • Full range of compatible accessories
Multi coloured WPC decking boards

£21.10 / 3.6m Assisted

Reversible Natural / Patterned

Our premium composite decking boards are manufactured with one side of a natural wood grain pattern & the other a patterned wood grain finnish.

Reversible composite boards mean you can choose which look is right for your deck.

Hollow tube composite decking boards

Hollow Tube Composite

Hollow composite allows for internal pressures caused by wood soak to be dispersed evenly within the composite structure. This removes the risk bloating & splitting that is caused when the wood component of the composite decking board absorbs moisture.

The Premium Range

Our Premium Range of composite decking boards come in three colour variations, Teak, Walnut, Light Blue Grey & Antique. We also offer the matching Skirting and Corner trims for each colour, enabling you to get the perfect finish for your garden / raised deck with no compromises.

Teak Decking Boards

Teak WPC decking board

Walnut Decking Boards

Walnut WPC decking board

Light Grey Decking Boards

Blue-Grey WPC decking board

Antique Decking Boards

Antique WPC decking board

Dark Grey Boards

Dark Grey/Black WPC decking board

Choose Your Decking Colour

You can not choose or match a colour based on what is shown on the screen of a PC or mobile phone, as like our TV settings we all have our own preferences in terms of tint & colour saturation. So whether you are choosing your composite decking by personal preference, or matching it to existing garden furniture. The only way to get it right is with an actual sample of the composite decking board options available.

To help you to choose the best colour for your new composite decking we will send you a FREE sample box as shown

Free Composite Decking Samples

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Benefits of Premium Composite Decking

Our UK composite decking delivers the benefits of the most advanced composite garden decking material in use today, it is a more affordable, lighter weight package that’s easy to handle and install with the same tools as needed for a traditional wood garden deck. We use a special combination of recycled plastic and recycled wood fibres which ensure that the composite planks / boards do not rot, warp, splinter or fade. The result is a rock-solid deck that holds its colour and looks great for years with the minimum of maintenance required.

We are so confident in our composite products that we give every domestic customer a 25 year Guarantee

composite decking 25 year warranty

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