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WPC Decking Board Clips

Our WPC / Composite deck boards fast clip solution provides a secure and quick method of attaching your composite boards to their decking frame. Maintaining a consistent space of 6mm between boards your deck will look neat & professional, even if you install it yourself.

  • Each pack contains 100 clips
  • FastClip ensures consistent 6mm gap between boards
  • Made from resistant stainless steel
WPC Premium Decking Board Clips

£25.60 /100 Assisted

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Deciding that you want a new composite deck is the easy part, designing it & calculating all of the different bits & pieces you need can be somewhat more daunting. With our years of experience in helping clients through the ordering process we will be more than happy to help you purchase everything that you need for your new composite deck.

  Professional Installer

Building a deck / garden deck is not a simple task, especially with some of the more complex designs that the range of multi coloured composite decking products available today provide for. If you would rather your deck was designed / constructed by a professional decking installer then please call us and at no extra cost we can arrange everything for you. Try our FREE call-back service by clicking on the area / button at the bottom of this page.

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