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Recycled Composite WPC Decking

We have used wood as a building material for ten's of thousands of years and as the global population increases this need for wood is now threatening it's source, the woods & forests of the world. If we want to maintain our global tree stock we need to find alternatives, composite wood is one such alternative that comes with added benefits that will do more for our planet than help save our trees.


Ocean plastic pollution

Help to Save our Oceans

The recycled plastic used in composite decking boards is sourced from reclaimed / recycled plastic. Today this type of plastic is polluting our oceans & killing the wild-life within them. By choosing composite decking over traditional wood decking for your garden / decking project you are helping with global ocean plastic pollution as more plastic waste is collected to source the needs of WPC decking production.

You can read more about how recycled plastic is used to produce WPC garden decking boards here  


Due to the wood component of WPC composite being recycled wood fibre and recycled man made materials such as plastic being another component, it is inherently more sustainable for use as garden / outdoor decking than natural wood. No trees are cut down & waste plastic products are removed from our environment

Devastated Forest

Wood Decking Destroys Trees

As mankind's need for wood grows so does the plight of the tree. What you see above is in no small part due to the rise in popularity of hard wood decking & is part of the hidden cost of traditional wood garden decking.

Don't let your garden decking project contribute to the demise of the tree, choose composite, choose a future for our planet.

Save our Trees

Composite Decking Saves Trees

By utilising waste and recycled timber composite decking not only helps protect the trees that are no longer needed for decking, it also provides a need for the waste timber that litters our industrial areas.

By choosing to use composite decking boards for your garden deck you are helping save the trees for the future of humanity.

Global Pollution

WPC decking will use discarded plastic items like those that are often thrown into our oceans as plastic waste as its recycled plastic component of it composite structure. This in itself makes composite WPC decking a great eco friendly choice. Add to this that the wood component of the composite used for WPC garden decking boards also comes from recycled timber then when you choose WPC decking for your garden or outdoor decking project, you are in your own way doing your bit to help save our planet.

Composite Fencing

Composite Fencing

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