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Two Sizes For All Applications

Our decking frame tape comes in two sizes that are convenient for all decking applications. 82mm Tape Here

Decking Frame Tape

Completely protect and seal your new or existing deck frame or timber structure with Deck Tape. Protect decking frames from water/moisture rot and frame weathering. This tape also protects decking frames where they are exposed between decking boards.

  • 50mm Wide 20M long
  • Water/Weather resistant (-40C to +93C)
  • Completely UV stable
  • Permanent adhesive bond for 50 years

Why Use Decking Frame Tape

When constructing your deck frame from timber, over time it is common for timber to rot due to moisture. Deck Tape protects and seals your timber deck frame from moisture rot and can bring the lifespan of your timber up to the same as your composite decking boards. The most common area effected by weather damage are the joists exposed between the deck boards.

Deck tape is designed to be applied along the top of the timber joists, ledgers and around posts. This prevents moisture ingress that can lead to joist rot and loosening of the deck screws and fasteners. Deck tape acts as a waterproof moisture barrier between wood and galvanized metal commonly used in construction hardware. Screws can be inserted directly through the deck tape; it seals around the holes to ensure there are no areas where moisture can get through.

Manufactured from a strong polymer acrylic adhesive providing a completely water-proof weather resistant solution from -40C to +93C with no cracking, peeling or strength loss. The tape can be repositioned for the first 30 minutes (it will start curing after 1-4 hours, total 72 hours). Works on horizontal and vertical surfaces and is applied as a cap rather than wrapped, which allows the wood to breathe.

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